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The 2D Metroid saga finally comes to an end with Metroid Dread, a highlight for many fans of the series. It has reportedly been teased on GameCube since Metroid Prime 3, with a sneaky sighting entry hinting at its development. However, it has finally landed and we are impressed with how it should be. In fact, the recent entry in the series is an absolute joy to play. From the moment Samus lands on the planet Zdr to find out why the Galactic Federation has lost contact with EMMI robots, it is clear that Nintendo and MercurySteam pleasure have remained true to the staple of the series.

In our preview, we talked in detail about the feeling of isolation, and this episode hits the nail on the head. If you control Samus in his first steps on ZDR, the isolation is obvious, with your only companion named ADAM, an AI that will help you in your adventure. In addition, Metroid games are very popular thanks to some weapons, skills and sophisticated techniques that Samus can use against his enemies. Unlocking abilities often gives you access to new areas, which is another iconic feature of the series, which is a welcome return.

The meleestrike also returns and feels even more satisfying than before, the grappling beam is a lot of fun (and is very useful in difficult experiences), and Samus’ Aeion skills prove to be effective in almost any situation. Aeion’s abilities, such as the ghost cloak, allow Samus to become invisible to enemies, with minor moves exhausting Aeion’s display minus. But start climbing ceilings with the spider magnet while you are masked, and you will quickly burn your ad in no time. There is always a chance to use up your energy as soon as the indicator drops to zero, but this is a chance compromise.

Of course, in this review we will keep everything spoiler-free, but as tradition dictates, thanks to a well-timed and unfortunate event, Samus loses all his powers except for his basic ones. Therefore, your task is to explore the depths of ZDR in order to regain your strength and escape to the surface.

New players of the Metroid series do not have to worry, because they know the story in the opening segment. In addition, the gentle guiding hand of the game in the first two hours provides a quick transition to the old methods of Metroidvania.

Escaping from EMMI robots is the main focus of Metroid Dread-and it’s a focus that never gets boring. These EMMI-controlled areas (limited to patrolling the gates of the “Emmi zone”) challenge you to rethink, realign and use Samus’ growing list of skills, and keep you on your toes. The constant cat-and-mouse game is intimidating at first, but with a little encouragement from ADAM, it’s a monumental victory that’s guaranteed to leave you breathing a sigh of relief. Until the next E. M. Mr. I meet, of course.

The good news is that E.M. M. I are not unsmackable and there are ways to escape their grip. Parry at just the right time and Samus will retreat against their finalstrike, allowing a glide between them. Slide under one of them and you will soon find your safe place, but with very little time to develop a strategy for your next move. The only way to E. M. M. To completely stop me in her incessant tracks is to get the Omega Blaster: a temporary upgrade equipped with Samus’ trusted Canon Arm weapon. It’s a tense affair to face a robot that is slowly crawling towards you, but to have the upper hand and win back your reward is worth it.

Imagine that. You know that the exit is located somewhere, it must be on that part of the map that you have not yet fully discovered. The faint beep of the mechanical browbeat is far away, but you know that it can detect it in just a few seconds. Do you use your morphing ball shape to navigate through the small gaps to your escape or do you slowly wade through the water-filled enclosure below? You dare to take the plunge and go into the water with your instinct, but your movements attract sounds, so you cling to the ceiling with your spider magnetic ability and carefully go to the other side of the room, ignoring the trajectory of the morphing ball.

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