Review of Kirby and the Forgotten Land


From the moment I started playing until the end, it was difficult to keep a big sil smile on my face. Everything in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, from the environment to the well-orchestrated music and sound effects, is so incredibly sweet, comforting and silly that even the enemies are difficult tostrike, purely psychological, because you only want to bring them to life through hugs and not violence. Kirby himself is filled with as much energy and endless hunger as ever, and it is just as good to finally control him freely on linear three-dimensional scenes, in a style similar to that of Super Mario 3D World as we had all imagined.

The controls are tight and responsive, most of them returning from Kirby’s traditional movement and going into absolutely flawless 3D. Just walking around and listening to the soft crash of Kirby’s red shoes against the ground is satisfying, and the HD rumble ofstrikeing enemies and the collection of power-ups adds a whole new level of immersion. Jumping, keeping and sliding feels as good as breathing, swallowing and floating.

I was a little worried that hovering in particular would cause revolutionary tactics and mistakes, but fortunately it is more than limited enough to prevent you from simply floating above the stage. The whole game can even be played in local cooperation, as your friend assumes the role of Waddle Dee Bandana, although he cannot inhale, he can perform a unique and powerful spearstrike.

Each world, each with a completely different theme from the previous one, consists of several main stages and a final boss. The main stages are filled with challenges of flat – form and puzzle solving, Enemies to defeat to satisfy the smack’em style gameplay, many star coins to collect and captured waddle bags to rescue.

Because you have to find the required amount to continuously build new attractions in Waddle Dee Town, the central hub of the You automatically save a few Waddlers by simply cleaning a scene, but the search for hidden and compliance with special clear conditions are essential for the growth of the population of your city. There are reasons to explore every inch of the steps, and although some may be well hidden, finding them never seems to be a total task.

As for the final boss action of each world, which is also unlocked by storing enough captured Waddles, your goal in these levels is to empty the opponent’s health bars before he empties yours, while trying to avoid yourstrike pattern and remember it, then go absolutely all The star projectiles appear in the battleground to which the Boss is extremely vulnerable, so inhale them and shoot them as fast as possible to inflict additional damage. Health can be replenished by eating on the main stages, but boss actions are a kind of one-time deal, with the only way to heal being to fail and/or restart.

Waddle Dee Town offers a lot of content and locations that, although the game can technically live without, add so much obvious quality and care to the overall gaming experience. film, for example, goes beyond this by offering not only the possibility of reviewing cutscenes, but by doing it in the charming way of a traditional film. There are also a few fun mini-games that can be unlocked in the city to earn more star coins, including Waddle Dee Café: Help Wanted, Flash Fishing and Tilt-and-Roll Kirby, and although they are not particularly extensive or something to write home about, they certainly offer a few minutes of pure pleasure. In Gotcha machine Alley, which gives access to several Japanese-style Gacha machines, you can waste your extra star coins to complete your collection of cute virtual Gachapon figurines, which can also be discovered for free in the many stages of the game. In Waddle Dee Town, many more buildings are unlocked as you continuously save more Waddle Dee, and part of the fun is finding out what will appear next in the town.

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