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When you start the game, you are greeted with an admittedly small number of menu options. As with many other Mario sports titles, Mario Strikers: action League apparently follows the same infamous content formula; bare bones at launch with periodic free updates promised to keep players coming back. The exciting and refined game mechanics, accompanied by excellent animations, help to make it easier to ignore, but the lack of variety in modes, characters and customization options is slightly disappointing. Game developers using DLC as a method to complete an incomplete game, rather than as a way to provide content that looks like a bonus, is bad business practice, and it’s a shame to see Nintendo go down this path with another of its flagship series. This is not to say that Mario Strikers: action League is not a worthy revival. On the contrary, the base game is so enjoyable that I wish there were more.

Nintendo announced the Mario Strikers game as timed 5-on-5 matches, and although this is technically true, it is more easily explained by a 4-on-4 with an unplayable goalkeeper in each team. action League can be played with up to 8 players in total on a single console, via local wireless communication or over the Internet with an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

If you can’t form a full team of real players, get ready to take control of several characters, because there are no 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 options for any of the modes. You would think that the exchange between the characters would be complicated, but after a little practice, the mechanics are quite intuitive. You will automatically take control of any character on your team who dribbles the ball. The character exchange is only possible when the other team has control of the ball, and pressing L to exchange will assign you the character closest to that opponent.

The goal of Mario Strikers (no pun intended) is almost exactly like football, but without any of the safety rules. You must do everything in your power to throw the ball towards the opponent’s goal, even if it means brutally pushing your friends turned enemies towards the electric fence surrounding the playing field. There are even boxes of items that appear sporadically to create even more chaos, with many iconic Mario power-ups, such as Bananas, Mushrooms, Green Shells, Red Shells and Bob-ombs, which do exactly what you expect if you’ve ever played a Mario game (and if not now, you have to live under a twomp).

Invincibility stars are also thrown on the field by Toads, Yoshis, Shy Guys and Koopas spectators as a reward for the aggressive behavior of the opposing team.strike opponents only with kicks, when they don’t have the ball, is morbidly entertaining, but knowing about the Star’s existence tries to get everyone to show a little sportsmanship.

Each mechanic presented in action League is incredibly easy to use. Just controlling the characters on the field is a lot of fun, because you run, pass, shoot, dodge andstrike your opponents, but the adrenaline rush you get when you finally reach a goal is like nothing else. I noticed that my whole body was twitching every time I went to the net, because I was predicting if the goalkeeper would block my shot or if I would score a point that was pleasantly rewarding for my team. If you hold down the release button, you will be able to perform a more powerful serve, and the angle at which you point the control lever in the process will change the direction of the ball. It is highly recommended that you and everyone you are playing with for the first time follow the training lessons from the main menu, as there are also different combos, perfect moves and expert skills that will require a little practice to master them completely. When playing in quick action mode, the match duration, CPU difficulty and items can be turned on/off, just like Hyper Strike.

The Super Mario Strikers Super Strike, which was afterr nicknamed the Mega Strike in Mario Strikers Charged, returns, this time nicknamed the “Hyper Strike.”An electrifiedstrike Orb will randomly appear on the field, and when activated by simply touching it, all your teammates will have 20 seconds to have a chance to score a guaranteed goal worth double points. A Hyper Strike can only be used when you are standing on the opponent’s side on the field with the ball in your hand, or rather on your foot (unless you are playing as a Wario). Started by holding down the normal fire button for a fully loaded shot, the whole game will go into slow motion and a counter will appear next to your character. Immediately after, a needle will quickly bounce back and forth through the counter, which should quickly stop inside the two small sapphire sections, both surrounded by a little orange. The closer you are to the sapphire, the more chances you have to score a goal, but if you don’t stop the needle perfectly inside the designated area, the other team will have the opportunity to counter thestrike with a short button-mashing session. Achieving a Super successful strike is a matter of timing, and as someone passion with rhythm games, it didn’t take me long to succeed almost every time. Still, it’s still as satisfying as using a Final Smash in Super Smash Bros.Ultimate, that is, very.

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