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We have been partying with Mario and his friends for more than 20 years. From tears of joy to those of absolute despair, the last parts of a board game can ruffle the feathers of the most stoic people. With Mario Party Superstars, it’s no different. There is always a character with whom everyone hangs out (sorry, Birdo), one who always lands in Bowser’s spaces and who really has the worst luck in the world (it’s me, Luigi) and one who keeps getting caught at the pole every time a star moves in front of or behind them (oh no, Yoshi!). The good news is that this is usually anyone’s game, because even the most skilled players can fail when it comes to pushing.

In Mario Party Superstars, fans can finally rejoice because the whole game focuses on boards and mini-games, with Mushroom Village (from the original Mario Party) back at the center. No tricks, no party cars – no motion controls, just freedom and flexibility.

For example, you can play with a pro controller, a classic GameCube controller, and in laptop or desktop mode. In addition, there are many options to customize your game. Among the classic and default bonus stars, the ability to toggle the processor level (with the master unlocked from the beginning), six types of mini-game “packs” to choose from and the ability to activate a handicap for less competent players are a big win in our book. Not to mention the strategic and unique ways in which players can use objects around the board (Super Warp blocks, Mushrooms to undo cursed dice and more) to turn the tide.

With five classic maps back from the N64 era, the NDcube developer has redone each of them from scratch with an excellent design style and adorable animations. Take Yoshi, for example, with his little wagging tail and his joyful joy whenever it’s his turn. He’s super cute, while Luigi wallows in his own misery twiddling his thumbs when he misses a mini-game. Even the animations of shy speed hunter in Space Land, the Toad swallowing Cheep Cheep Chomp in the tropical island of Yoshi and the revenge of the Piranha plant in Peach’s birthday cake are fun to watch. It is these little memorable moments that make playing with superstars a pleasure.

Another great addition is the number of mini-games available. Up to 100 mini-games can be played with a fantastic variety of 2v2, 1v3, double and free games from the entire Mario party series (1 to 10). Relive games like Bumper Balls, Hot Rope Jump, Shy Guy Says and Sneak & Snore, with a few able to install at different stages or via an “endless mode”.

While most mini-games are fun to play, games like Tug of debate and Cast Aways are problematic. This is mainly due to the unchanged controls, which force players to quickly turn the left stick, which makes the game a prank. In fact, on Mt. Mini-games Mode during the Trio Challenge (strictly 1v3 mini-games), tug-of-debate is almost impossible in single player mode due to the forced game mechanics. These styles of play even offer a “warning” to players before progressing due to the friction burns on the skin that you may experience. Why NDcube didn’t enable an optional parameter to modify these controls sounds like a major oversight.

There are also other ongoing problems. Although this is rare, some mini-games can fail and often make them unplayable, forcing players to quit. We experienced it at Cheep Cheep Chase, where the winner was able to dive under the stone slabs and then could not get out, which resulted in a soft lockdown. And while CPU players offer a lot of challenges in Master mode, the difficulty seems unbalanced in favor of the AI, which is a real problem in Trio Challenge.

However, outside of these areas, Superstars offers many options for single player, local and online multiplayer modes. New features include a sleep function so that you can return to an ongoing Mario Party game (although only one board can be placed in this saved state) and stickers can be purchased and used to convey your emotional state in party mode. Although the stickers can be disabled in options mode, they really add an extra layer to the fun. Other new features include a custom player card, an upgrade function and a success function. Every time you play one of the modes, you will receive coins to unlock stickers, card templates (for player cards), encyclopedia pages and music. Unfortunately, there are no unlockable boards or additional characters here, which is a real shame for the base game. Hopefully these will be added as future DLCs. We need our adorable Shy Boy and his dry bones to join the party!

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