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It’s been four years since we wrote our original review of Miitopia for Nintendo 3DS. In the grand scheme of life, four years are small. But this year has felt so long. At this point, we are all exhausted, tired, full. No one feels renewed. Unless you’re a Mii, of course. A touch of chicken curry or sauteed mushrooms, a Moderna costume, a new helmet or a gun and you’re done. Rock’n’roll, you say? Paramount. Hold my beverage while I put on my moshing wig for a ‘new look’. Oh, wait a minute. Did you want to take a trip instead? Don’t worry. I’ll get my jacket and we can go to the film or have lunch inside at a cafe. Unfortunately, we are currently living our best life… in Miitopia, with a dark lord at the back of our head. Is jealousy bubbling up in you?

Aside from jealousy, the revised version of Miitopia has made some excellent improvements. From changes to the user interface to the inclusion of a riding companion, the title now has a little more substance. Gone are the frankly frustrating quizzes of the game at kick-off. Now they are replaced by letters from the residents of Miitopia, which enclose playing cards.

The updated graphics look clear and clean thanks to the developer Grezzo (The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening), and the Miis can now team up for fabulous outings to quickly improve their relationship. In fact, due to these additional features, the game simply feels snappier, faster and more sophisticated than its predecessor.

Speaking of the nifty changes, the revamped Mii maker with wigs and makeup is perhaps the best aesthetic upgrade in the game. Miitopia’s wigs and makeup feature has already taken the Internet by storm, providing Switch gamers with an impressive avatar creation tool. The depth it brings allows the creators of Mii to create a similar image of the main characters of pop culture in all kinds of media, arts and pleasure. In fact, we borrowed some characters for our own adventure, namely Sonic, Mario and Luigi, from some superstars creators of Mii. Here, instead of QR codes, creators can now share their access key code, which allows you to download a selection of Miis from the place of your own character. It’s wonderfully inclusive, fun, and still as popular as it was in the early days of Wii.

While adding wigs and makeup are great features, there are some disadvantages left with Miitopia. Unfortunately, the touchscreen functions that were present on the lower touchscreen of the 3DS have been removed. It’s really a shame that Grezzo wasn’t able to recreate this on the Switch’s touchscreen, although this might have required additional preliminary work on the coding of the game. Apart from the UI changes and additional extras, Miitopia remains unchanged, as an adventure role-playing game. So if you were a fan of the original story, the original Mii interactions, work classes, identical mini-games and more, you’ll feel right at home here.

In our first review, we commented that the game lacked strategy due to its automatic action mechanics and became increasingly repetitive throughout the main story, which lasted more than 30 hours. Unfortunately, not much has changed on this front.

However, the horse causes more excitement in actions, if you can choose it. It has several rude strikes, including a mountedstrike, a fire-spitting snort and some funny antics that depend a lot on your job, as well as passive abilities when your characters are in a safe place. In addition to increasing the cute charm of the game and giving you a faster way to damage enemies, it does not provide players with the variety necessary to keep the actions exciting.

Herein lies the inherent flaw of Miitopia, its gameplay is indistinguishable from the 3DS version. There are no new hidden routes, Easter eggs or chests with surprising enemies. In fact, in Peculia we played the same route on both 3DS and Switch to test this theory. Apart from the horse shaving a few seconds, which is completely random and uncontrollable for the player, every action and interaction between Miis (yes, even the tripping sequence) was identical.

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