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Since its arrival on Nintendo Switch last year, Animal Crossing New Horizons has been a haven for veterans and newcomers to the series. The title was released at the beginning of the recent time and was a relaxing distraction from the real world for many people, as evidenced by its gigantic sales, which made it the best-selling Switch game of Nintendo’s fiscal year from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. However, although the game started with great reviews, including ours, the lack of continuous updates became much more noticeable over time. Soon, the islands, which were full of beauty and care, quickly fell into disrepair. As the players were no longer locked in, wasting time with the daily boredom of the island was a thing of the past.

Then the 2.0 update was announced, which brought everything the fans wanted to the game (except the expansion of the Nook store), including the blessed Frog chair and our beloved Kapp’n and Brewster. All of a sudden, it was fun to play New Horizons again.

The release along with the big update was the Switch game’s first foray into the paid Happy Home Paradise DLC Available on Nintendo eShop or for free for those with the Nintendo Switch Online+ expansion pack, Happy Home Paradise only requires a one-time purchase for all residents of your Switch Island. This means that each player has access to their own island, map and characters through their design profile, allowing them to experience the DLC’s story content at their own pace.

Those familiar with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will be pleased to know that many of the features of the 2015 Nintendo 3DS title have been transferred to the Paradise DLC. From unlimited designs for one- or two-storey cottages to the choice of residents to be employed in the island facilities (restaurant, cafe and school), there is a familiar feeling in every nook and cranny.

Although it is not a complete continuation of Designer, Paradise lies right in the middle and aims to satisfy those who long to scratch their interior designer without leaving the comfort of new horizons. The good thing about this is that the game lends itself to new possibilities of design customization, such as adding partitions, columns and counters, many of which can be used again on the island of your New Horizons. The downside, however, is that, ironically, paradise feels quite hollow and soulless.

Before we delve into our reasons for making this claim, let’s first set the scene. Upon arrival, you will meet Lottie, the senior resort developer at Paradise Planning. His vision is to create a beautiful holiday resort with many satisfied customers. Fortunately, you are exactly what she was looking for after a brilliant recommendation from Tom Nook. Thanks Tom, we really wanted more work. After a brief meeting with Niko, an enthusiastic architect, and the gloomy Wardell, they meet their first client, Eloise, who is looking for a relaxed reading room. After a brief introduction to the basics with Niko, the rest of the design is up to you.

Like Happy Home Designer, Paradise has a menu tab for orders, which contains everything you need to satisfy the customer. These include furniture and household items, wall mounted items, ceiling lights and hangers, carpets, flooring and wallpaper. At first, you will only have access to the furniture requested by the customer, but every time you accept a new design request, the items from previous tasks will also be available in your constantly growing catalog. As the plot progresses, you will unlock new features, for example. the ability to change the background atmosphere, the intensity and color of lighting, remove windows and change the size of rooms from a standard 4×4 to 10×10. Halfway through, you’ll unlock two-story buildings and have the opportunity to design areas for up to two roommates, a new feature in Paradise.

Speaking of new features, Paradise’s connection to New Horizons means that you can use already learned home craftsmen to complement your interior decor. Walk along the beach and you can also pick up homemade craftsmen exclusive to the island, such as the opportunity to make a Plonk lamp. The DLC also introduces partitions to divide rooms, counters that can be raised to the desired height, and columns to add character to houses. The game also insists on using the pro camera to take photos of your pop-up creations, which can then be uploaded to your Happy Home Paradise online profile, where you can follow like-minded designers and also discover their creations.

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